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What a delightful and festive idea, Santa Papa John! Offering personalized Santa check-in videos is a creative and heartwarming way to bring joy to children during the holiday season. The three pricing options cater to different levels of personalization, making it accessible for everyone.

🎅Santa Papa John's Personalized Video Check-Ins! A🎄

Ho, ho, ho! Santa Papa John is thrilled to spread some extra cheer this holiday season with personalized video check-ins for your little ones. 🎁✨

🌟Options Available:

$10.00 Basic Check-In:

A generic Santa check-in, ensuring kids are staying on the nice list.

Encouraging messages about chores, homework, and good behavior.

$20.00 Personalized Greetings:

Includes your child's name and their beloved pet's name.

Santa's message is tailored just for your special ones.

$40.00 Ultimate Personalization:

Your child's name, pet's name, specific activities, favorite pet, and

cherished stuffed animal - all mentioned!

A truly magical and personalized experience from Santa Papa John.

🎅Limited Availability! Time is Ticking!🕒

As Christmas approaches, secure your spot for a magical video check-in with

Santa Papa John. Let's chat soon to create a custom message filled with love and

joy for your little ones!🎉📽️

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