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Ho ho ho! Greetings, wonderful businesses! Santa here, and I've got something special in store for you this holiday season. I'm thrilled to announce my new marketing promotion, and I'm even more excited to partner with each and every one of you.  Working together is going to be a jolly adventure! With this innovative way of promoting your company, we're bound to create some unforgettable moments. But what exactly does it mean to be "Santa approved," you ask? Well, it's simple! It means you've met the criteria that I, Santa, have carefully laid out with my merry set of questions. Once you've met these criteria and paid the fee, you'll be well on your way to spreading holiday cheer far and wide.  


Now, let's get down to business! I'll need a little more information from you, which we can easily gather through a friendly chat over the phone or through the magic of email. Once I have all the details, I'll work my holiday magic to create a  delightful video about you and your company. This video will proudly proclaim that you are Santa approved!  


I'm positively bursting with excitement for this initiative, and I can't wait to spread the joy with all you wonderful businesses. Together, we'll make this year the most magical one yet! Let's get started and make some merry memories together.  


Ho ho ho!

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